A-tech performs concrete paving for a variety of applications which include: roads, parking lots, trails, sidewalks, handicap ramps, basketball courts and playgrounds, retaining walls, and many more.

asphalt paving

A-tech performs asphalt paving for a variety of applications which include: roads, parking lots, trails, playground blacktops, patching, and many more.


A-tech is capable of performing a variety of methods for drainage solutions. For larger drainage jobs, concrete channel liner, gabion baskets, and rip rap may be used to stabilize banks and alleviate soil erosion from water flow. Under roads and parking lots, inlet structures and manholes may need to be constructed and connected with drainage pipe to move the water to an appropriate outlet.


A-tech is the general contractor on most of our civil and site construction projects. There are often trades involved in our projects that are not traditionally in our scope of work. Therefore, we have developed great relationships with many subcontractors to perform these trades. This allows us to give clients management options that take the stress out of them dealing with a variety of different contractors.

earthwork / excavation / soil stabilization

The key to constructing a quality driving surface is to first construct a quality base to pave on and to grade the surface to properly drain. A-tech has the equipment and knowledge to excavate existing pavements, obstructions, and soils to get to the desired grade.

Soil stabilization is the application of a chemical or mechanical treatment to soils to maintain or improve their stability. Therefore, the bearing capacity of the foundation is increased and its strength, water tightness, resistance to washout, and other properties are improved.


A-tech provides a variety of pavement maintenance options to help maintain and improve parking lots and roads.

Sealcoating is a treatment placed on the surface of asphalt to protect the top layer of asphalt from oxidation and wear caused by exposure to sun and air. A proper sealcoating job will help maintain and protect asphalt from further deterioration and can add years of life to most asphalt surfaces.

Crack sealing is the process of inserting an elastic material into cracks in pavement to prevent water from penetrating the surface and further deteriorating the pavement.

Proper pavement maintenance will add years of life to the pavement surfaces at a fraction of the cost of new construction.